Blogger Backgrounds

Now for some fun! :)

For those of you who want to move ahead, here are the instructions for adding your own Blogger background! Of course you can always choose a pre-made template, but if you would rather go all out, follow these 10 steps:

Blogger Session 3 Adding a Background

Everyone is doing such a great job! :) As always, if you have any problems or questions about this, email, call, or drop by!

Emily H.


Blogger Handouts

If you are an elementary teacher who has missed Blogger sessions OR if you are a HS teacher interested in starting a blog, here are handouts from our first 3 sessions!

Blogger Session 1 Handout: Creating Your Account and Adding Pages to Your Blog

Blogger Sessions 2 Editing and Adding Content to Your Pages

Blogger Session 2 Editing Your Profile

If you have ANY questions or problems with this process, please call me, email me, or stop by my office. Next week, we’ll start the fun stuff like adding backgrounds and photos!

Happy Blogging….:)

Emily H.

5 Alternatives for Posters, PowerPoints, and Other Projects!!


1. Tagxedo: Have the students make word clouds with Tagxedo! The students can save their word clouds as jpegs. (Grades 3-12) Samples: Butterflies, Eleanor Rosevelt

*TIP: Make rubrics for projects like these are Rubistar4Teachers!

2. Glogster: Let students make an interactive poster on Glogster. Sign up for a 30 day free trial and experiment with glogging! Students are a fan of this great site, and its easy for them to use and you to view! (Grades 5-12) Samples: The Brain, The Moon


3. Slideshows: Students can easily create video slideshows for “movie trailers” or presentation at Animoto! It looks hard, but its oh so easy! (It uses templates and has music to choose from.) (Grades 9-12, requires an email address)


The Magicians Nephew Book Trailer


George Westinghouse Project


4. Storybooks: Have students make a story book using Kerpoof or LittleBirdTales! (Grades K-12) I can set up classes for you, so its super easy to get started! Also, the students can easily record audio to go along with their book.



Book of Shapes made on Kerpoof

A-Z Book made on Kerpoof


Industrial Revolution made on LittleBirdTales

cover image

“How the Moon Came to Be” made on LittleBirdTales. This example has student artwork scanned in, but students can also create artwork on the website!)

cover image

“Scuba Diver’s Adventure” This is TOO cute. Great way to check for understanding.

cover image

5. Prezis: Have students make a Prezi! These are too cool for school. Students LOVE making them, and LOVE showing off their Prezis in class. (Grades 6ish-12)


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Simple Machines

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

The beauty of this??

  • No need for paper! Students can email you their project, or, with accounts like Glogster, LittleBirdTales, and Kerpoof, you can view the project online. No papers to take home, and nothing to hand out! Beautiful.
  • Students can research at home, and most of these can be completed in 1-2 class periods. If you want to try one of these ideas out, let’s get together!!
  • The students can be creative and innovative in a way that is meaningful to them! Technology is their world. Why not let them use it to learn and create?
  • YOU can also make lessons using these things! How great is that? Don’t be afraid to steal….I mean, borrow…..already made lesson! ;)



Emily H.

Techie Tools from TAIS Conference

Several teachers and I recently visited the lovely Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood, TN for a TAIS Technology Institute! It was a great experience for all, and I wanted to share some useful tools with you!

The presentation below has MANY free tools and databases! No doubt after flipping through it, you will take away several useful tools for your classroom. It’s also split up by subject area or tool type for easy navigation! GREAT presentation. All of the underlined sites are linked, so if you click the 4 arrows at the bottom right corner of the video box, it will make the presentation full screen, and you will be able to click the links to go to the actual websites. If you see anything that you are interested in trying in your classroom or learning more about, please feel free to let me know! :) Happy Wednesday!

Emily H.